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The Public and the Media have a love-hate relationship with the Prison and the Prison service.The prison service is often in the news, there are numerous soaps/documentaries about prisoners and prison life, books, plays and films.

There is a vociferous demand that offenders should be punished quickly and effectively.

Prisons must be above all else secure and there must be no breakouts.

Prisons should not be “soft” and that the regimen should be spartan, fair and concerned with discipline and rehabilitation.

A death in custody, particularly a suicide is an indicator of failure of the prison but often healthcare is rudimentary or at best out of date.

Warders are tough, fairly brutal and insensitive-who would want to be a jailer? They are little valued by society, there is stigma attached to their work.

Often the warder and family live within the walls of the prison and become institutionalised.

There is not an atmosphere of transparency or openness about the work of the prisons . Most of us would rather not know what is done in our name.

Nobody really knows what to do about aggressive and evil behaviour.

There are many ethical issues for the health worker in a Prison-confidentiality, fitness for punishment, therapeutic incarceration.

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