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The Prison population is young, predominantly male, with a high proportion of offenders from ethnic minorities. These young men come from difficult backgrounds, they have dropped out of school early, they have been unable to find work……….

They have nothing to do all day.

They congregate on the street, in the pub.

They have little in the way of support mechanisms-parental, family or loyal partner.

Their family background and culture may be criminal.

There may be of criminal and sub criminal behaviour with a history of offending going back several years.

They are ill educated and of lower intelligence than average.

Crime offers an easy way to money, power, possessions, women etc.

Many may be drug takers and needing to support their habit by crime.

The only weapon they have against an apparently uncaring society is their violent behaviour-people are frightened, people get out of their way,people try to bribe them and ……..they are, often for the first time in their lives


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