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The evidence is that Prisons are expensive, that they do not work and they may worsen the problem. People are brutalised by the experience and after prison come out with their lives ruined, their caring networks destroyed and with the huge stigma of a prison sentence. The warders can be brutalised too.

Yet how does society react to brutal and violent crime, how does it protect itself, how much is it prepared to spend on trying to find better solutions?Is it prepared to take the risk?


Young men are aggressive and often violent, they are inclined to show off, to drink heavily and to take risks.

There is a need for employment, education and recreation-youth service in a military environment can teach useful community skills


People may be sentenced to weekend prison so keeping their jobs but losing key freedoms, or even prison at night

Prisons need to be local so that prisoners can be visited often, conjugal visits are about maintaining marriages and families

Mobile phones make for communication

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