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In principle, if a crime is committed and reported it will be investigated; eventually and in a varying proportion of cases there will be an arrest.

Depending upon the seriousness of the offence, public indignation, threats to the person of the accused, the ability to provide large financial security (bail) the individual(s) concerned will either be held in Prison until trial as Remand prisoners or released on Bail under certain specific conditions e.g. report to the police regularly, surrender passport etc.

The case will eventually come to trial before a judge and often a jury. The evidence for Defence and Prosecution will be presented and a verdict will emerge


Not Guilty

Not Proven

In the event of a Guilty verdict the judge will then pass sentence, indicating the appropriate punishment i.e. Prison sentence, Financial penalty, Loss of Rights, Community service. The duration,intensity, amount of punishment will be based upon previous cases, the severity of the crime, extenuating circumstances, guidance from the Legal system etc.

e.g.7 years with hard labour and no parole,to serve a minimum of 5 years

(repeated criminal convictions for armed robbery with violence)

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