Undergraduate Advising

For general advising questions please contact:

Emily Schantz
Secretary of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
Department of History of Art and Architecture
Frick Fine Arts 104

The director of undergraduate advising for all history of art and architecture and architectural studies majors as well as students pursuing the Historic Preservation Certificate is:

Dr. Gretchen Bender
Department of History of Art and Architecture
Frick Fine Arts 219


Group Advising appointments are conducted every fall and spring semester, beginning around the third week of the term.  All majors are encouraged to reserve a seat for themselves in one of these group, pre-registration advising sessions.  In these meetings, departmental and University requirements, new course offerings, and registration information and procedures are discussed.  Individual checklists are provided to each major which detail how each student is progressing towards the completion of University and major requirements.  In addition, students are encouraged to ask questions regarding internships, the honors major, study abroad opportunities, graduate schools, and career plans.  A sign-up sheet will be posted on Gretchen Bender’s bulletin board outside Frick Fine Arts 219 in the early weeks of the fall and spring terms. It is very important that you keep your advising appointment and that you come prepared for each meeting. Please give at least 24 hours' notice if you must cancel a meeting! Call 412-648-2394, or leave a message at 412-648-2400.  Your registration form can be processed only after you've already attended a group preregistration appointment.

Course registration

Following the preregistration group appointment, students should have the information necessary to complete their registration forms. Registration forms will be distributed at the group advising sessions.  You have two options regarding course registration:

• You can acquire Gretchen Bender’s signature on a registration form at a group advising meeting and then take the form yourself to Thackeray for processing once registration begins, OR
• You can leave your completed form (including your signature and Peoplesoft ID number, all CRN #s for the courses you wish to take and their times, locations, and alternate courses) in Gretchen Bender's mailbox in FFA 104 and she will process your registration form for you on a first-come, first-served basis. Please include contact information—a phone number or e-mail address—on your registration form!   Completed registration forms can be turned in as soon as the course schedules are posted on the main Peoplesoft website.   To search for classes, students should visit “View Schedule of Classes” on the my.pitt.edu website.  For course descriptions, visit www.fcas.pitt.edu/course_descriptions/BrowseCourses.html

Adding/Dropping a course

While the undergraduate advisor is available to answer questions you might have regarding add/drop revisions to your schedule, students must go to Thackeray, and fill out and process their add/drop forms with the main University registrar’s office.  Add/drop requests are not handled by the department, and the advisor’s signature is not required on your form. 

Other resources

Keep in mind that the undergraduate advisor is principally a resource for you. Please feel free to visit if you have more general questions or concerns you wish to discuss. (The undergraduate advisor does not exist solely to help you register for courses.) Your advisor is happy to discuss career and departmental concerns with you as well as provide general academic advice and assistance. Your advisor can also provide you with information and advice regarding:

•  Internships
•  Study abroad opportunities
•  Departmental honors and awards
•  Career development
•  Graduate school applications
To set up an individual meeting, contact Gretchen Bender at ghb1@pitt.edu.

General advising information

Undergraduate advising