Europe Before 1750 Art and Archaeology Program


A dynamic group of research-oriented faculty heads the program in European art before 1750. The group, recently enlarged by the addition of two new hires, has particular strengths in French and Italian art; individual specialties include ancient Roman art, medieval manuscript illumination, Renaissance Italian art, Flemish and Dutch painting, Italian and French baroque art, and early modern French architecture and theory. While research interests are diverse, all faculty are committed to helping graduate students develop exceptional dissertations, participate in international conferences, and write competitive grant proposals for research abroad. Students participate in small seminars and work closely with faculty inside and outside the department to develop innovative cross-disciplinary projects. Throughout the academic year the department benefits from a lively lecture series sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh’s Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program.

Europe Before 1750 Art and Archeology Program faculty

Graduate faculty

*Indicates faculty eligible to supervise PhD students

*Christopher Drew Armstrong
Early modern French architecture and architectural theory

*Kathleen Wren Christian
Italian Renaissance art
Forthcoming Book: Memory and Oblivion: Collections of Ancient Sculpture in Renaissance Rome

*Ann Sutherland Harris
Italian and French 17th-century painting, drawing and sculpture
European women artists, 1550–1800
European landscape painting, 1500–1700
Recent book: Seventeenth-Century Art and Architecture (Prentice Hall)

*M. Alison Stones
French Medieval manuscripts

*Franklin Toker
Italian Medieval architecture, American architecture
Recent Publication: Fallingwater Rising: Frank Lloyd Wright, E.J. Kaufmann, and America's Most Extraordinary House (Knopf)
Forthcoming Book: Buildings of Pittsburgh (Society of Architectural Historians and Center for American Places, April 2007)

*Anne Weis
Ancient Roman art

Emeritus faculty

Fil Hearn
Professor Emeritus, Medieval architecture

David Wilkins
Professor Emeritus, Italian Renaissance art

John Williams
Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Medieval art

Contributing faculty

Derek Churchill
Northern Renaissance art


Recent dissertations

Marianne Berardi
Dissertation: Science into Art: Rachel Ruysch's Early Development as a Still-Life Painter
Currently: working on a major exhibition devoted to Rachel Ruysch and publishing regularly about American art

Anne Bertrand-Dewsnap
Dissertation: Art and Politics in Counter-Reformation Paris: The Case of Philippe de Champaigne and his Patrons (1621–1674)
Currently: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY

John Chvostal
Dissertation: Rethinking the Reform: A Study of the Early Careers of Ludovico, Agostino, and Annibale Carracci

Patrizia Costa
Dissertation: The Sala delle Asse in the Sforza Castle in Milan
Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Art, Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX

Jennifer Craven
Dissertation: A New Historical View of the Independent Female Portrait in 15th-Century Florentine Paintings

Deborah Gatewood
Dissertation: Illustrating a 13th-Century Natural History Encyclopedia: The Pictorial Tradition of Thomas of Cantimpré's "De Natura Rerum" and Valencienne's Ms. 320

Judith Golden
Dissertation: Patronage and the Saints in the Devotional Miscellany, British Library Ms. Egerton 745

Therese Elliott Martin
Dissertation: San Isidoro de Leon From Palatine Chapel to Pilgrimage Church

Azar Rejaie
Dissertation: Defining Artistic Identity in the Florentine Renaissance: Vasari, Embedded Self-Portraits and the Patron's Role
Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Arts and Humaniites, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston TX

Current graduate students

Jill Bogart
Research area: Medieval Manuscript Illumination

Sarah Bromberg
PhD in progress: A Context & Reception History of the Illuminations in Nicholas of Lyra's Postilla
Litteralis Super Totam Bibliam

Amy Cymbala
Research area: Baroque art

Kate Dimitrova
PhD in progress: Unraveling Christ's Passion: Archbishop Dalmau de Mur's Artistic Patronage & Flemish Tapestries in 15th-Century Spain

Marion Dolan
PhD in progress: The Illustrative Tradition of the Astronomical Poem, the Phaenomena by Aratus

Julia Finch
PhD in progress

Doug Florey
Research area: Late Medieval/Byzantine Art

Joan Gauthier
MA in progress: Late Medieval Manuscript Illumination

Kathy Johnson-Keane
PhD in progress: Caravaggio and the Impact of Contemporary Theater

Kathryn Martin
Research area: Medieval Scandinavian art

Rebekah Perry

Cornelie Piok-Zanon
PhD in progress: The Sanctuary of Demeter at Pergamon: The Third-Century Attalids and the Creation of a Hellenistic Capital

Karen Webb
PhD in progress: Medieval Diagrams, Architectural Structures, and their Relationships: Case Studies


"The PhD program has built a strong foundation for me..."

Kate Dimitrova