The Certificate in Film Studies is designed for the student who is majoring in another field, but wishes to do some concentrated work in film studies. The certificate is a planned, interdisciplinary sequence of six courses (18 credits) that provides the student with a broad introduction to the field of film studies. Receipt of a Certifiate in Film Studies is recorded on the student's transcript. Specific guidelines and distributional requirements for the program are listed below.


The Certificate in Film Studies requires 18 credits to be distributed as follows:

  • Two Required Courses (6 credits):
    • World Film History (3 credits)—ENGLIT 0540 or HA&A 0820
    • Film Analysis (3 credits)—ENGLIT 0530 or HA&A 0801
  • Four Film Studies Electives (12 credits)
    • These courses must be taken from at least two of the three categories listed.
    • No more than two courses can be taken from Category III (Film/Photography/Video Production)

Additional Conditions/Requirements for the Certificate

  • S/N may be used for only one certificate course except for Film Analysis and Film History, which shall be assigned letter grades only.
  • A 2.00 QPA will be required for courses applying to the certificate. More than 50 percent of the courses must be taken at Pitt. Courses taken at other schools must be approved by the Film Studies Program.
  • Each term, in addition to meeting with their major advisors, film studies students should meet with their certificate advisors as well to check their progress through the curriculum.


Students wishing to work toward a Certificate in Film Studies should register with the English/Film Studies Advising Office.

Film in Pittsburgh

Michael Douglas on set of Wonder Boys (2000), shot in Pittsburgh

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