Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a film department at the University of Pittsburgh?

No. Film studies is an interdisciplinary program.

What is an interdisciplinary program?

This means that the courses one takes for the major are given by faculty in a variety of different departments. Nonetheless, they all count for a major or certificate in film studies.

Am I required to take film production courses as part of the film studies major?

All majors are required to take one basic film production course. Beyond that, it’s at the student’s discretion.

Can I take as many film production courses as I want as a film studies major?

Majors and certificate students will be given an opportunity to pre-register for film production courses and are given enrollment priority.  Only five production courses can count toward the major but more can be taken as electives outside of the major. In general, students do not take more than two production courses/term.

Can I double major in film studies and another field?

Yes. One major must be declared primary and the other secondary and you should be advised by faculty or advisors in both departments or programs.

What do people do professionally when graduating with a film studies major?

Among the careers that students choose are: filmmaking or work in the visual arts, advertising, film exhibition, film or media business, teaching, journalism, media librarianship, arts management, film or media curatorship.

Many students go on to graduate school in a variety of fields: Film history/criticism, filmmaking, journalism, business, law, library science, graphics, museum studies, etc.

Are internships available in film studies?

We encourage students to do internships during their studies at Pitt. We post internship opportunities on our Web site and have a faculty member who serves as an internship advisor. The undergraduate division of the School of Arts and Sciences also has its own internship office.

If I want to major in film studies at Pitt, do I have to submit a portfolio or special application to the Film Studies Program?

No. Admission is handled entirely by the admissions office and not the Film Studies Program. Once at the University, you can declare a film studies major.

If I want to visit campus prior to applying to or enrolling at Pitt, what should I do and whom shall I see when I visit?

First, go to the Office of Financial Aid to schedule a visit and for general information

Second, e-mail Jennifer Florian, the Film Studies Program administrative assistant, well in advance of your visit to set things up.

Ideally, as part of your visit you should do the following:

  1. Speak to a film studies advisor or faculty member (set up by Jennifer Florian)
  2. Take a tour of Pittsburgh Filmmakers where production courses are given (set up by Jennifer Florian)
  3. Take a tour of the Pitt campus
  4. Stop into the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid to gather information

Film in Pittsburgh

Michael Douglas on set of Wonder Boys (2000), shot in Pittsburgh

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