Course List

Please note that as of Spring 2008 Film Studies courses in English now have a new designation (ENGFLM). Previous designations for these courses (ENGLIT) continue to count for the major.

Core Required Courses for Film Studies Majors

  • World Film History—ENGFLM 0540 or HA&A 0820
  • Film Analysis—ENGFLM 0530 or HA&A 0801
  • Advanced Seminar in Film Studies—ENGFLM 1920

One Production Course:

  • Black and White Photography 1—FILMST 0200
  • Photographic and Motion Principles —FILMST 0001
  • Introduction to Digital—FILMST 0400

Core Requirements for Film Studies Minor

  • World Film History—ENGFLM 0540 or HA&A 0820
  • Film Analysis—ENGFLM 0530 or HA&A 0801

Other Film Courses Offered

Film studies courses are offered through a variety of departments. All listed courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for the major or the minor.

Courses are divided into three categories relating to distributional requirements.


**As of Fall 2008, EngCmp 0205 Seminar in Composition: Film will not count as part of the major or minor for any students newly declaring a Film Studies major or minor at that time.


Category I: National Cinemas and Filmmakers

CHIN 1065 Sources on East Asia: Chinese New Wave Cinema

CHIN 1085 and JPNSE 1085 Introduction to East Asian Cinema

CHIN 1089 The World of China: Chinese National Cinema

ENGFLM 1190 British Film

ENGFLM 1290 History of American Film I

ENGFLM 1291 History of American Film II

ENGFLM 1390 Contemporary Film

ENGFLM 1410 Bollywood and Indian Cinema

ENGFLM 1470 and HA&A 1840 Film Directors (May be taken more than once if topic and course title change.)

ENGFLM 1471 Orson Welles

ENGFLM 1472 Hitchcock's Films

ENGFLM 1476 The Films of Stanley Kubrick

FR 0085 French Film: 1930–1960

GER 1380 New German Cinema

HA&A 1805 Early French Film

HA&A 1806 American Independent Film

ITAL 0086 Italian Cinema

RUSS 0870 History of Russian Film I: Beginnings to Stalin

RUSS 0871 History of Russian Film II: Stalin to Present

RUSS 1771 History of Soviet Cinema

SPAN 1407 Latin American Film

SPAN 1602 Peninsular Film

SPAN 1700 Comparative Hispanic Topics

SPAN 1707 Hispanic Film

SLAV 1220 The Holocaust in E. European Film and Literature

SLOVAK 0890 Slovak, Czech and Central European Film

Category II: Themes, Genres, and Theory

AFRCNA 0088 Contemporary Africana Films

ENGFLM 0532 Introduction to Film Genre

ENGFLM 0520 and HA&A 1157 Film Theory

ENGFLM 1293 Race and Class in American Photography

ENGFLM 1480 Topics in Film (Students may enroll for courses under this number more than once, as topic changes.)

ENGFLM 1482 The Star System

ENGFLM 1485 Film and Politics

ENGFLM 1486 Photography & Its Social and Political Context

ENGFLM 1613 Topics in Film Genre and Theme

ENGFLM 1615 The War Film

ENGFLM 1681 Film Comedy

ENGFLM 1683 & HA&A 1820 Documentary Film

ENGFLM 1685 Film Musical

ENGFLM 1688 Film Western

ENGFLM 1692 Film Melodrama

ENGFLM 1695 Horror Film

ENGFLM 1699 Science Fiction Film

ENGFLM 1703 Gender and Film (previously Women and Film)

ENGFLM 1752 Television Analysis

ENGFLM 1790 Film and Literature

ENGWRT 0560 Screenwriting and the Narrative

GER 1384 Fascism and Film

HA&A 0470 Photography and Art

HA&A 0810 Experimental Cinema

HA&A 1810 Experimental Video

HA&A 1830 Silent Cinema

JPNSE 1057 Japanese Film as Literature

JPNSE 1058 Westerns and Samurai Films

JPNSE 1059 Japanese Society and Culture through Cinema

THEA 1373 Design for Film

Category III: Film/Photo/Video Production

Note: With the exception of A&S 1900 (Internship), all Category III courses are offered by special arrangement through Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Enrollment in these classes will be limited to those whose course tuition is covered by A&S. Enrollment in these classes will be granted first to film studies majors, then to certificate students, and then to other full-time A&S students, on a first-come, first-served basis, all of whom must be in good academic standing. To apply for a seat in a Pittsburgh Filmmakers course, students must preregister with the film studies office (624 Cathedral of Learning) two weeks before the first day of A&S registration. Be forewarned that failure to attend the first class of the term will mean automatic loss of the seat. Students will not be permitted to take more than one production course per term.

CAS 1900 Internship

FILMST 0001 Motion Picture Fundamentals (previously Photographic & Motion Principles)

FILMST 0500 Film Production I

FILMST 1500 Film Production II

FILMST 1112 Film 4

FILMST 0121 Animation Basics

FILMST 0200 Black and White Photography 1

FILMST 0201 B & W Photo 2

FILMST 1200 B & W Photo 3

FILMST 0220 Color Photography

FILMST 1210 Color Photography 2

FILMST 0225 Studio Lighting Techniques

FILMST 0230 Non-Silver Printing 1

FILMST 0235 Documentary Photo

FILMST 0245 Photoshop for Photographers

FILMST 0275 History of Photography 1

FILMST 0276 History of Photography 2

FILMST 1580 Electronic Cinematography

FILMST 0601 Video Production I

FILMST 1600 Video Production II

FILMST 1100 Advanced Super-8 Workshop

FILMST 1130 Technical Directing

FILMST 1132 Intro to Screenwriting

FILMST 1133 Developing the Feature Script

FILMST 1140 Acting for the Camera

FILMST 1141 Acting for the Camera: Advanced Techniques

FILMST 1145 Sound for Film

FILMST 1156 Cinematography

FILMST 1157 Lighting for Film and Video

FILMST 1160 Crew Production Workshop

FILMST 1550 Film Thesis I

FILMST 1575 Film Thesis II

FILMST 1650 Video Thesis I

FILMST 1675 Video Thesis II

FILMST 1170 Digital Non-Linear Editing

FILMST 1201 View Camera Techniques

FILMST 1220 The Zone System

FILMST 1230 Experimental Darkroom

FILMST 1235 Experimental Camera

FILMST 1900 Internship in Film

FILMST 1901 Independent Study in Film

FILMST 1910 Internship in Photography

FILMST 1911 Independent Study in Photography

FILMST 1920 Internship in Video

FILMST 1921 Independent Study in Video

Film in Pittsburgh

Michael Douglas on set of Wonder Boys (2000), shot in Pittsburgh

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