BIOENG 2505 (Fall): Multi-modality biomedical imaging technologies: functional, molecular, and hybrid imaging techniques and their applications

This class introduces the concept, fundamental physics, image analysis of multi-modality imaging techniques and systems, and their applications in biomedicine in different scales, from organ to cellular and molecular level, for both anatomical and functional imaging. The course also briefly addresses the issues related to image-based diagnosis, intervention, and therapy. This course is intended for graduate students, seniors, and researchers in biomedical engineering and medicines, as well as medical professionals who would like to obtain a basic understanding and current applications of newly developing medical imaging technologies.

BIOENG 1310 (Fall): Bioinstrumentation

Bioinstrumentation covers electronic circuit theory and the practical aspects of building electronic prototypes. Major topics include: AC and DC circuits, digital and logic circuits, sensors, operational amplifiers, and basic nonlinear circuit elements. The mathematics of complex exponentials and complex impedance are also covered. The laboratory portion of the course includes a combination of computer-based and hardware circuit problems. Each student will be provided with a set of electronics components and tools for completing the labs.