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On my teaching page you can find information about my office hours, current and past courses, examples of independent studies, which I am interested to supervise, and my policy for grad school and job references.


604a Information Science Building, (135 North Bellefield Avenue)

Office Hours

The office hours this semesters are held online. Please, e-mail me to reserve a slot!


A note to the past students of my courses: I keep Web sites of the past courses intact so that you can use it as a reference even after you graduated. However, due to the lack of space, I only keep lecture notes for a few most recent offerings of the same course. If the lecture notes of your course are not online anymore, please, use the notes of the most recent one.

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Independent Studies

I am happy to to supervise and co-supervise independent studies, thesis, and other students projects that are relevant to two major direction of my research the adaptive Web and tools for teaching Information Science topis (see PAWS Lab). The first direction includes a broad range of topics on Web personalization and adaptive Web-based systems in the fields of education, information access, medicine, and e-commerce. If you are interested to take an independent study or a project, please, send me an e-mail and stop by for a talk. A few reports of recent projects can be found below.

Reference Policy

I am happy to provide job/graduate school references to the past students of my courses. However, to get a positive reference and you should earn at least A on my course and be among the top 10% (for graduate school reference) or top 20% (for a job reference) of students in class. I am also happy to provide references to all students who were working with me in research projects and independent studies producing good results.

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