Get Involved

There are three easy ways to get involved with PITT ARTS:

1. Connect with our Arts Encounters and Hotlist

Undergraduate Arts Encounters

Undergraduates have the unique opportunity to attend our Arts Encounters programs. PITT ARTS brings University of Pittsburgh undergraduate students to 110 Arts Encounters a year. This includes trips to experience the most sought-after arts events in Pittsburgh, such as the symphony, opera, ballet, films, concerts, galleries, and the theater. We provide transportation, a catered reception, and tickets.

Also, there is always a socio-educational component that offers a context for the encounter you will have with art, such as e-mailed essays, discussions with artists, or hands-on workshops.

Arts Encounters are for traditional undergraduates only.

Undergraduates who sign up for our distribution list will receive an e-mail every Monday in which upcoming Arts Encounters are described in detail.

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The Hotlist: For graduate students, faculty & staff

PITT ARTS sends out a Hotlist via e-mail every Wednesday that lets you know about upcoming cheap and free arts events going on every week in the city and on campus that we feel deserve your special attention.

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2. Visit our Office

Feel free to get involved by visiting our office at 929 in the William Pitt Union. Here, you can find a multitude of brochures, flyers, literature, and receive helpful information from our office staff. Remember, our goal is to get you connected!

3. Purchase Cheap Seats

PITT ARTS sells discounted tickets to many of the area's hottest arts organizations, including the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh Symphony, Pittsburgh Opera, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Pittsburgh Public Theater, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, Renaissance and Baroque Society, Pittsburgh CLO, and Guitar Society of Fine Art. Come to our office at 929 in the William Pitt Union to purchase really, really cheap tickets.