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::: center home >> being here >> last donut? >> 14 february 2007

Wednesday, 14 January 2007
Wall of Fame

The University of Pittsburgh maintains close oversight on the Center's spending. So the presence of a Polaroid camera in a routine list of office expenses did not pass without query. "A Polaroid camera?" the auditor queried, standing in Karen's office. "Oh yes," Karen replied," let me show you."

The two walked down to corridor and into our lounge. There was a corkboard covered with Polaroid photos. It had become a rite of passage or, perhaps, a hazard of passage in the Center. Anyone passing through is asked to pose for a Polaroid and then to write their name (or whatever strikes their fancy) on the Polaroid.

It is any easy way for new Center visitors to answer the question: "Was that the janitor or Adolf Grünbaum?"

John D. Norton

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