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other conferences , 2001-02

Plato on the Science of Etymology
David Sedley
Laurence Professor of Ancient Philosophy
University of Cambridge, Christ’s College
Site: University of Pittsburgh
21 September 2001
Sponsored with the Program of Classics, Philosophy and Ancient Science

4th In-House Conference
Site: University of Pittsburgh
::: 26 - 28 October 2001

History & Philosophy of Science Workshop
::: History Unveiled, Science Unfettered
In honor of James E. McGuire
Site: University of Pittsburgh
19 January 2002
Sponsors: Department of History and Philosophy of Science; Center for Philosophy of Science; The Harvey and Leslie Wagner Endowment; Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Pittsburgh; Office of the Provost, University of Pittsburgh

The Ernest Nagel Lectures in Philosophy of Science
Site: Carnegie Mellon University Campus
19 - 21 February 2002
Presenter: Bas van Fraassen, Princeton University

19 February ::: The Visible and Invisible World
20 February ::: Weyl’s Paradox and Carnap’s Lost World
21 February ::: Structural Realism and the Phenomena

Philosophy and History of Biology Workshop
Site: University of Pittsburgh
23-24 March 2002

Getting to Goodness
Brad Inwood
University of Toronto
Site: University of Pittsburgh
29 March 2002
Sponsored with the Program of Classics, Philosophy and Ancient Science

Bayer Lecture Series
::: Science & Art: Intersecting in Our Everyday Lives
A lecture series sponsored by Bayer Corporation and presented by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science.
Site: Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
7, 14, and 21 April 2002
Presenters: Vilayanur Ramachandran, Peter Machamer, James Lennox
Sponsors: Bayer Corporation and the Harvey and Leslie Wagner Endowment

Workshop on Philosophical Views of Scientific Modeling
Site: University of Pittsburgh
20 April 2002
Sponsors: History and Philosophy of Science Department and the Center for Philosophy of Science

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