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Why Integrate History and Philosophy of Science?
Sorin Bangu, University of Western Ontario
Jim Bogen, University of Pittsburgh
Lindley Darden, University of Maryland
William Goodwin, Swarthmore
Nick Huggett, University of Illinois, Chicago (preprint)
Vasso Kindi, University of Athens
Matthew Lund, Rowan University (preprint)
Ulrich Majer, University of Gottingen
John P. McCaskey, Stanford University
John G. McEvoy, University of Cincinnati (preprint)
David Miller, Yale University (preprint)
Antigone Nounou, University of Minnesota
Slobodan Perovic, Carleton University (preprint)
Samuel Schindler, University of Leeds (preprint)
Friedel Weinert, University of Bradford, UK (preprint)
Ian Wills, University of Sydney (preprint)
Bradley Wilson, Slippery Rock University

The panel will undertake a free-flowing discussion of issues of interest to the panelists in integrated history and philosophy of science. Panelists have posed questions for discussion.

Revised 3/10/08 - Copyright 2006