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Conference in Integrated History and Philosophy of Science
Thursday, 11 October - Sunday, 14 October 2007
Center for Philosophy of Science
University of Pittsburgh

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::: &HPS2 will be held at the University of Notre Dame, USA, March 12-15, 2009.

::: &HPS3 will be held at Indiana University, USA,
23-26 September 2010.

&HPS4 will be held at the University of Athens, Greece, 2011.

&HPS1 includes both thematic sessions and open sessions devoted to integrated history and philosophy of science. There is also a panel session for discussion of integrated history and philosophy of science. Finally, an introductory "sage" lecture (Ernan McMullin, University of Notre Dame) and a closing "seer" lecture (Peter Machamer, University of Pittsburgh) will consider the past and future of integrated history and philosophy of science. 

The speakers at &HPS1 are: Peter Achinstein; Hanne Andersen; Theodore Arabatzis; Anouk Barberousse; Delphine Bellis; Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent; Hasok Chang; Mary Domski; Heather Douglas; Melinda Fagan; Amit Hagar, Giora Hon and Bernard R. Goldstein; Andrew Janiak; Koray Karaca; Alan Love, John Beatty, and Jim Lennox; James Marcum; Michela Massimi; Nico Bertoloni Meli; John Norton; Paolo Palmieri; Jutta Schickore; William R. Shea; Chris Smeenk and George Smith; Aris Spanos.

The panelists at &HPS1 are: Sorin Bangu, Jim Bogen, Lindley Darden, Mathias Frisch, William Goodwin, Nick Huggett, Vasso Kindi, Matthew Lund, Ulrich Majer, John P. McCaskey, John G. McEvoy, David Miller, Antigone Nounou, Slobodan Perovic, Samuel Schindler, Friedel Weinert, Ian Wills, Bradley Wilson.

This conference is open to anyone with an interest in integrated history and philosophy of science. If you would like to attend, we ask you to make your own travel arrangements. See Getting Here for information on travel to Pittsburgh and on hotel accommodation near the campus. There are no registration fees or registration procedure. However we would appreciate it if you let us know by email to Peter Gildenhuys that you plan to attend. In return we will prepare an official name tag for you!

::: Manifesto


Don Howard
University of Notre Dame
John D. Norton
University of Pittsburgh

John Beatty
Univ. of British Columbia
Université Paris X
Jed Buchwald
California Inst. of Tech.
Alan Chalmers
Flinders University
Hasok Chang
University College, London
Motti Feingold
California Inst. of Tech.
Steven French
University of Leeds
Jim Griesemer
Univ. of California at Davis
Jane Maienschein
Arizona State University
Michela Massimi
University College, London

Bill Newman
Indiana University
Paolo Palmieri
University of Pittsburgh
Rob Rynasiewicz
Johns Hopkins University
Jutta Schickore
Indiana University
Alan Shapiro
University of Minnesota
George E. Smith
Tufts University
Friedrich Steinle Universitaet Wuppertal

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