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Conference in Integrated History and Philosophy of Science

Speakers: Name, Affiliation, Talk Title

Open Sessions  


Hanne Andersen

Univ. of Aarhus

History and Philosophy of Modern Epidemiology


Anouk Barberousse

Paris I

A Case of Irrationality?


Delphine Bellis

Paris IV-Sorbonne

Cartesian Corpuscular Models and Their Potential Impact on Microscopy


Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent

Paris X

Chemistry: An Ontology-Free Science?


Mary Domski

Univ. of New Mexico

The God of Geometry, The God of Matter: The Connection Between Descarte's Math and Metaphysics


Heather Douglas

Univ. of Tennessee

Roles for Values in Science: The History of DES


Amit Hagar

Univ. of Indiana

Length Matters: The Einstein-Swann Correspondence and the Constructive Approach to Special Relativity


Giora Hon and Bernard R. Goldstein

Univ. of Haifa and Univ. of Pittsburgh

The Law of the Lever According to Mach: Historically and Critically Presented


Alan Love

Univ. of Minnesota

Consequences of an intelligent discussion about design with Darwin: Asa Gray's evolving perspective on teleology and natural theology


Jutta Schickore

Univ. of Indiana

Genres of Justification


William R. Shea

Univ. of Padua

Galileo Now and Then


Aris Spanos

Virginia Tech

The Discovery of Argon: A Case for Error-Statistical Reasoning


Thematic Sessions

   Moderators: Bill Newman and Jutta Schickore


Nico Bertoloni Meli

Univ. of Indiana

A Lofty Mountain, Putrefying Flesh, Styptic Water, and Germinating Seeds: Methodological Reflections on Experimental Procedures from Pascal and Perier to Redi and Beyond


Koray Karaca

Univ. of Indiana

A Case Study in the Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation: Electron-Proton Inelastic Scattering Program in High Energy Particle Physics


James Marcum

Baylor Univ.

Newton 's Experimentum Crucis vs. Goethe's Series of Experiments: Implications for the Underdetermination Thesis


Paolo Palmieri

Univ. of Pittsburgh

Experimental History of Science: Galileo's Experiments with Pendulums


   Evidence in Theory and Practice
   Moderator: Michela Massimi


Peter Achinstein

Johns Hopkins Univ.

Atom's Empirical Eve: Methodological Disputes and How to Evaluate Them


Michela Massimi

Univ. College, London

From Duhem to van Fraassen: The Empiricist Tradition of 'Saving the Phenomena' against Galileo's Mathematization of Nature


John Norton

Univ. of Pittsburgh

Einstein's Miraculous Argument


   Beyond Case-Studies
   Moderator: Hasok Chang


Theodore Arabatzis

Univ. of Athens

Hidden Entities and Experimental Practice: Towards a Two-way Traffic Between History and Philosophy of Science


Hasok Chang

Univ. College, London

Beyond Case Studies: History as Philosophy


Melinda Fagan

Univ. of Indiana

Integrative Pragmatism and Scientific Inquiry


   Historical and Philosophical Considerations of Newton’s Mechanics
   Moderator: Alan Shapiro


Andrew Janiak

Duke Univ.

Integrating History and Philosophy of Science: The Case of Isaac Newton


Chris Smeenk and George Smith

UCLA and Tufts

Measurement and Limits in the Principia, Section X


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