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Şerife Tekin
Dalhousie University
Academic Year 2012-13
Reclaiming the Self in Psychopathology


Şerife obtained her PhD in 2010 at York University in Canada with a dissertation on the mental disorder categories in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and their metaphysical and ethical implications to personal identity and flourishing. Since 2010 she has been a postdoctoral research fellow at Dalhousie University, working within the project "States of Mind: Emerging Issues in Neuroethics." Her current research program makes the "self" central to the philosophical, scientific, and therapeutic approaches to mental disorders and uses philosophical tools to investigate (i) empirical research on mental disorders, (ii)models of the self informed by cognitive sciences, and (iii) first-person memoirs of psychopathology. During her time at the Center, she will be working on her project, "Reclaiming the Self in Psychopathology."

When she is not worrying about psychiatric taxonomies, Şerife runs races, explores farmers' markets, and takes photographs. She looks forward to getting a pug of her own.


Assistant Professor at Daemen College, NY

“How does the Self Adjudicate Narratives?” is published in the March issue of Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology
“Will I be Pretty, Will I be Rich?” The Missing Self in Antidepressant Commercials” is published in the May issue of the American Journal of Bioethics.
“Psychiatric Taxonomy and Self-Narratives: Far From the Madding Grief?” is forthcoming in The Psychiatric Babel: Assessing the DSM-5, edited by P. Singy and S. Demazeux, Springer's Press.


The most important highlights of my research in 2014-2015 include a book under contract with the MIT University Press, Extraordinary Science: Responding to the Current Crisis in Psychiatric Research (co- edited with Jeffrey Poland); several publications in journals such as Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology; Journal of Medical Ethics; Public Affairs Quarterly, as well as in books such as The Psychiatric Babel: Assessing the DSM-5. P. Singy andS. Demazeux, eds. (Springer’s Press), and Mental Kinds and Natural Kinds, H. Kincaid and J. A. Sullivan, eds., (MIT Press). I have also published some encyclopedia entries in Encyclopedia of Bioethics (Macmillan Reference),and The Encyclopedia of Clinical Psychology (Wiley-Blackwell Press).  For further details, see:  http://serifetekin.com/publications/

It has also been extremely rewarding to have co-organized the Early Career Scholars Philosophy of Psychiatry Conference at the Center. We had an overwhelming number of submissions, and the conference helped draw attention to the important work being done in Philosophy of Psychiatry. The conference was so productive that two journal special issues are now in preparation featuring the work presented (Synthese, co-edited by myself and Edouard Machery; and Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology, co-edited by myself and Kathryn Tabb). Once again, I am grateful to be continuing to benefit from the Center’s resources in philosophy of science.


See https://daemen.academia.edu/SerifeTekin/

2015. Hyponarrativity and Context-Specific Limitations of the DSM 5 (with Melissa Mosko). Public Affairs Quarterly, Volume 29, No: 1, 111-136. 2015. Against Hyponarrating Grief: Incompatible Research and Treatment Interests in the DSM-5.  The Psychiatric Babel: Assessing the DSM-5, P. Singy and S. Demazeux, eds., History, Philosophy and the Theory of the Life Sciences Series, Volume 10, Springer Press, 179-197.


2016-2017 has been quite a productive year! Perhaps the most exciting news is that my co-edited book, Extraordinary Science and Psychiatry: Responses to the Crisis in Mental Health Research (with Jeffrey Poland) is published with the MIT Press and came out in January. 
In addition the following articles and book chapters came out: "Against the Drug Cure Model: Addiction, Identity, Pharmaceuticals (with Owen Flanagan and George Graham) (2017, Anthology on Pharmaceuticals, Ho, D., ed., Springer Press); "The Missing Self in Scientific Psychiatry" (2017, Synthese); "Are Mental Disorders Natural Kinds: A Plea for a New Approach to Intervention in Psychiatry" (2016, Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology); "Looking for the Self in Psychiatry: Perils and Promises of Phenomenology-Neuroscience Partnership in Schizophrenia Research"  (2017, Extraordinary Science and Psychiatry: Responses to the Crisis in Mental Health Research, Poland, J. and Tekin, ?., eds. MIT University Press); and "New Directions in Philosophy of Medicine" (with, Stegenga, J., Kennedy, A.G., Jukola, S., Bluhm, R) (2016; The Bloomsbury Companion to Contemporary Philosophy of Medicine. James Marcum (ed.) Bloomsbury Academic Press).
Last but not least, I am delighted to be returning to the Center this summer to give a seminar on Philosophy of Psychiatry at the Summer Program in Philosophy of Science for Underrepresented Groups.






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