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Athanassios Raftopoulos
University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Spring Term 2006
Cognitive Impenetrability of Perception
and Its Philosophical Implications

University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Fall Term 2009
Defending Physicalist Representationalism

February 2006

Thanos is working on two projects. One is the foundation of cognition and the other is theory change and belief revision. His main thesis on the first issue is that perception induces in us states with nonconceptual representational content that can do miracles in addressing many among the traditional philosophical problems, including the grounding of cognition on perception. On the second issue he employs connectionism and dynamic systems theory to address and model change processes.

Thanos enjoys classical music so much that he listens to it all the time, except when he goes to bed and when his wife is around. He also enjoys all sorts of movies, soccer (both watching and playing). He spends a long time walking around listening to his IPod and playing war and strategy games on the computer. Occasionally, he plays poker. He misses the Friday poker nights from when he was a grad student in Baltimore.

September 2008


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