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Boris Grozdanoff
Cemtral European University, Hungary
Fall 2006
Relativized a Priori Principles and Revisability Prospects

Boris is interested in the problems of a priori knowledge, space and time and thought experiments in physics. He received his first PhD in the field of philosophy of science from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences defending thesis on the topic “Techne and Theory: The Role of Thought Experiments for the development of Scientific Knowledge”. His second PhD, this time epistemology, is from the Central European University in Budapest on topic “A priori Principles and Scientific Knowledge” with advisor Nenad Miscevic. During 2004 Boris specialized on the epistemological problem of scientific thought experiments at the University of Toronto under the guidance of Jim Brown.

Currently Boris is a scientific researcher at the Philosophy of Science Department within the Institute for Philosophical Research at BAS, Sofia. While at Pitt’s Center for Philosophy of Science as a Visiting Fellow Boris is working on the problems of a priori justification and in particular on its role in the natural sciences.

Every April Boris could be found in Dubrovnik, Croatia, attending the annual Philosophy of Science conference and having a good time with old and new friends from all over the world sharing the incurable passion for philosophy of science. Among his other interests are videography, filmmaking, scientific journalism, and amateur sport car racing. While not editing video or writing philosophy Boris mainly tries to prevent his small tiger, a black and white cat named Peter, from eating his articles and books. He just loves the rare ones.


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