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Daniel Parker
Virginia Tech , USA
Fall 2008
Information-theoretic approaches to statistical mechanics

Daniel Parker’s research interests focus on the philosophy of physics and philosophy of science. His current research projects involve foundational issues in statistical mechanics such as the reduction of thermodynamics to statistical mechanics and attempts to ground the distinction between past and future in the 2nd law of Thermodynamics. His interests extend into the relations between the various temporal asymmetries we find in the world, such as those of causation and why we have records of the past but not the future.

Currently, he is working on assessing, investigating and developing information-theoretic approaches to statistical mechanics. He also has interests in the foundations of quantum mechanics, scientific realism and in understanding the use and role of computational methods in the physical sciences.

Daniel received his Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Maryland, after completing the Combined Honours Arts & Science and Physics programme at McMaster University in 2000. He has been assistant professor of philosophy at Virginia Tech since 2006.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys listening to Jazz, playing poker and watching the Redskins lose, all creating much heartbreak and anguish.

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