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Drozdstoj Stoyanov
Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Fall Term 2009
Continuous Study on the Scientification Project in Psychiatry

Drozdstoj (Drossi) Stoyanov was born on July, 20th 1980 in Sofia, Bulgaria to a family of outstanding psychiatrists. He graduated from high school at the age of 15 (1996), and received his MD from the Medical University of Sofia at the age of 21 (2002). Drossi developed and defended his PhD thesis in the field of history and philosophy of neuroscience in 2005 and was elected associate professor of medical psychology in 2008. In December 2007 Drossi Stoyanov was certified by the Government Specialty Board with the rank of Psychiatrist. He is also co-founder of the Balkan Association of History and Philosophy of Medicine (2005) as well as the Balkan Academy for Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology (2007). He designed a peer-reviewed project for the establishment of the first University Centre in Philosophy and Mental Health in South-Eastern and Central Europe, endorsed by the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry (www.inpponline.org). The Centre has organized two subsequent events with international participation in the field in 2008 and 2009. Drossi Stoyanov was invited at the discretion of the Chair into the Philosophy Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2007 and graduated with Post-Graduate Certificate in Philosophy of Mental Health at the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom.

Currently he is appointed as an associate professor in the Department of Health Care Management in the University of Medicine, Plovdiv, and as Deputy Director and Scientific Secretary of the Academic Board of the Centre for Philosophy and Mental Health, Psychiatrist in the State Psychiatric Hospital “St. Ivan Rilski”, Ministry of Health.
His major interests are in the field of critical epistemology and especially the scientific validity of the methods and categories of psychology and psychiatry. He has published and/or edited over 65 papers, three monographs and a textbook of psychology.

Drossi’s hobbies are classical music from the Romantics period, art, poetry and history. He loves horse riding and skiing in his leisure. He is engaged to his partner Ilyana, a scientific research fellow in cardiology.



Drossi acted as the Vice Dean for International Affairs from 2009 to
2011 and holds the position of associate professor and Chair of Medical Psychology in the Faculty of Public Health, University of Medicine, Plovdiv.

In 2011 he has been appointed associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, Faculty of Medicine and Senior Advisor Strategic Partnerships of the Vice Rector International Affairs of the same university. Elected honorary lecturer in the Sofia University Faculty of Philosophy, Clinical psychology and counseling program in January 2012.

He published and/or edited over 120 papers, three monographs and two textbooks of psychology and has received a number of awards for his research, including the Hippocratic Medal from the International Hippocratic Foundation for his contributions in philosophy of medicine. In 2010 Drossi was elected Member by correspondence of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and Arts, Science Division. His latest publications are on the convergent trans-disciplinary validity of the methods and categories of psychology and psychiatry and the introduction of a model for comprehensive assessment of the vulnerability to burn out syndrome in health care personnel.

Since 2007 he has acted as a member of the Editorial board, secretary coordinator (2009) and most recently as Deputy Editor-in-chief (2010) of the International Annual for History and Philosophy of Medicine.
Currently he is also member of the Editorial board of the International Journal of Person Centered Medicine and Folia medica (since 2011). Besides he is Chair of Conceptual group in the Global Network for Diagnosis and Classification launched by the World Psychiatric Association (2008) as well as member of the teaching committee of the European Association for Communication in Healthcare (2010).

Drossi was married in 2009 to Ilyana, a scientific research fellow in cardiology.

Representative publications:

  1. Stoyanov,D. (1999) About Schweitzer, In: Young medics about Albert Schweitzer, Albert Schweitzer World Academy of Medicine, Ed. K. Imjelinsky, Warsaw
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  21. Stoyanov, D, R. Cloninger,  Relation of People Centered Public Health to Person   Centered Health Care Management: a case study to reduce burn out, Int J Pers Cent Med,  Vol. 2 (1): 90-95



In January 2014 Dr Stoyanov was promoted to the academic position of Full Professor of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Person Centered Medicine.

On June 26-29th 2014 Professor Stoyanov presided the XVI th International Conference on Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology “Neuroscience, Logics & Mental development” in Golden Sands, Bulgaria.

Vice President of the European Association for Person Centered Health Care (ESPCH) since 2013. Awarded Bronze medal of ESPCH for Excellence and Innovations in Person Centered Undergraduate Medical education (2014).

Currently he is also Associate Editor, European Journal for Person Centered Healthcare; Review Editor, Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Recent papers:

  1. Loughlin, M., Bluhm, R., Stoyanov, D. S., Buetow, S., Upshur, R. E., Borgerson, K., ... & Kingma, E. (2013). Explanation, understanding, objectivity and experience. Journal of evaluation in clinical practice19(3), 415-421.
  2. Stoyanov, D., Machamer, P., & Schaffner, K. F. (2013). A Fallacious Forced Choice: Cloninger and Stoyanov, Machamer, and Schaffner Are Compatible.Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology20(3), 281-284.
  3. Stoyanov, D., Machamer, P., & Schaffner, K. F. (2013). In quest for scientific psychiatry: Toward bridging the explanatory gap. Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology20(3), 261-273.
  4. Stoyanov, D., Stanghellini, G., & Broome, M. (2012). Conceptual Issues in Psychiatric Neuroimaging: An Update. Current topics in medicinal chemistry,12(21), 2348-2356.
  5. Stoyanov D (Ed.), Psychopathology: Theory, Perspectives and Future Approaches, Nova Science Publishers, 2013: New York, USA
  6. Stoyanov, D (Ed.), New Model of Burn Out Syndrome: Towards early diagnosis and prevention, River Publishers, 2014: Aalborg, Denmark



In 2015 I have been included as a project partner in the Collaborating Center for Values Based Practice in Health and Social Care, St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford.
Based on our theory of trans-disciplinary validity  as conceived in Pittsburgh, we have developed and implemented  an original fMRI experimental paradigm for translational validation across neuroscience and psychopathology in association with the Universities of Bergen (Norway) and Basel (Switzerland). This model underpinned a major successful project for establishment of Research Complex for Translational Neuroscience at the Medical University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria to incorporate the first and only fMRI equipment in the region, designated exclusively for scientific research. 
My new representative publications are:

1.     Zachar, P., Stoyanov, D. S., Aragona, M., & Jablensky, A. (Eds.), 2014.Alternative perspectives on psychiatric validation: DSM, IDC, RDoC, and Beyond. Oxford University Press.
2.       Stoyanov, D. (Ed., Foreword by J. Parnas), 2015. Towards New Philosophy of Mental Health, Perspectives from Neuroscience and Humanities, Cambridge Scholars Publishing



In September 2015 Professor Dr Stoyanov was awarded with the honorary title of Academician from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts in appreciation for his exceptional achievements and international acknowledgement. He published an edited  book with Professor Rolf Stieglitz from the University of Basel, entitled " New Developments in Clinical Psychology Research". In November 2015 he was appointed Head of the Neuropsychiatry and Brain Imaging Group at the Center for Translational Functional Neuroimaging, Medical University of Plovdiv. 

In the Fall Semester Professor Stoyanov has been invited as Guest Lecturer at the Center for Subjectivity Research and Psychiatric Center Hvidovre, University of Copenhagen.


In July Prof. Stoyanov contributed with a plenary lecture to the proceedings of the Quadrennial Fellows Conference in Lund, Sweden. On December 12th, Professor Stoyanov was elected Vice President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Chair of the Science Division. There has been issued a contract from Springer for his new book project "Psychiatry in Crisis: At the Cross-Roads of Social Sciences, Humanities and Neuroscience", co-authored with Prof. Dr Vincenzo Di Nicola, University of Montreal.

Selected publications include:

Cassell, E., & Stoyanov, D. S. (2016). "The Person as Center of Health." In Person Centered Psychiatry (pp. 19-34). Springer International Publishing.

Tilov, B., Semerdzhieva, M., Bakova, D., Tornyova, B., & Stoyanov, D. (2016). "Study of the relationship between aggression and chronic diseases (diabetes and hypertension)". Journal of evaluation in clinical practice.



Revised 08/15/2017 - Copyright 2009