Tamara Adrián

Moisés Agosto-Rosario

Pedro Artieda

Jorge Bracamonte

Leopoldo Brizuela

Mauro Cabral

Norge Espinosa

Gabriel Giorgi

Adán Griego

Gabriel Guajardo

Laura Gutiérrez

Jesús Jambrina

Gisela Kozak

Virginia Lucas

Carmen Millán de Benavides

Norma Mogrovejo

Alexander Obando

Marcia Ochoa

Julieta Paredes

José Quiroga

José Fernando Serrano

Horacio F. Sívori

Juan Pablo Sutherland

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The 6th international latin american cultural studies conference at the University of Pittsburgh april 1-3, 2010




Laura Gutiérrez is associate professor at the University of Arizona where she teaches Latin American and Latina/o Media Studies, Performance Studies, and Cultural Studies. Drawing on an interdisciplinary cultural studies framework and using a feminist theory and queer theory angle, Gutiérrez has written and published essays on topics dealing with contemporary Mexican video art, Mexican political cabaret and Chicana performance, and Latina/o literature. She is currently finishing a manuscript on contemporary Mexican and Chicana performance and video art, Unsettling Comforts: Sexualities in Contemporary Mexican and Chicana Performance,and embarking on research for a second book project on the female body's movement (across geo-political divides and across the stage) in cabaretera films from the so-called golden age film 'archives.'