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Moisés Agosto-Rosario

Pedro Artieda

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Mauro Cabral

Norge Espinosa

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Gabriel Guajardo

Laura Gutiérrez

Jesús Jambrina

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Virginia Lucas

Carmen Millán de Benavides

Norma Mogrovejo

Alexander Obando

Marcia Ochoa

Julieta Paredes

José Quiroga

José Fernando Serrano

Horacio F. Sívori

Juan Pablo Sutherland

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The 6th international latin american cultural studies conference at the University of Pittsburgh april 1-3, 2010



Norma Mogrovejo. Peruvian feminist, lesbianologist. She initiated the first feminist group in her native city. Immigrated to Mexico to live freely her sexual option. Was a lawyer, now sociologist and has a Ph.D. in Latin American Studies. The lesbian's struggle and her relationship with the homosexual and feminist movements in Latin America, she started the discussion of the lesbian gay theory in the academic place. Mogrovejo proposes a new analytical category to describe her and others' dilemma: "migration due to sexual preference." Author of Un amor que se atrevió a decir su nombre: La lucha de las lesbianas y su relación con los movimientos homosexual y feminista en America Latina (2000). She founded the Mexican Lesbian Archive.