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  Research Methods Supercourse

Publish Soon, Publish Often, a Guide to Scientific Publications

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To publish in international journals one needs expertise in research methods.  However, in most countries there are few  trained in research methods.  We have built a research methods Supercourse and help desk to assist potential researchers in the development, data collection and analysis of  studies.

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Biostatistics Course

Supercourse Biostatistics lectures                 

·        Advanced Quantitative Methods. Part I   Part I. in Spanish   Part II     Part II. in Spanish   Part III     Part III. in Spanish    Part IV    Part IV. in Spanish

·       ANALISIS MULTIVARIADOS (Definiciones) in Spanish

Attributable Fraction: Fundamental Differences in Interpretations of Probability of Causation     in Spanish

·      Basic Probability Concepts

Basic statistics      in Spanish

·       Biostatistics and Its Role in Public Health     in Chinese

Biostatistic course. Part 10. Inferences from a proportion    in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course. Part 11. Comparison of two proportions      in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 12. Association between two categorical variables    in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 15 Correlation   in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 16 Lineal regression     in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 17 Non-parametric methods    in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 2. Types of studies in epidemiology     in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 3. Data, summary and presentation     in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 4. Probability     in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 5. Binomial distribution     in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 6. Normal distribution      in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course. Part 7. Introduction to inferential statistics     in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course. Part 8. Inferences of a mean       in Spanish

·        Biostatistics course Part 9 Comparison between two means       in Spanish

·        Biostatistics (In Russian) Основы биостатистики

·        Causation     in Chinese      in Spanish

Comparing Population Parameters (Z-test, t-tests and Chi-Square test)      in Spanish

·        Confounding      in Spanish


·        Correlation & Regression

·        Course on Biostatistics Part 1. What is statistics?             In Spanish

·        Cox Regression II

·        Data Sets and Outcome Measures. Part I    Part I in Chinese   Part II  Part II in Chinese  Part III      Part III in Chinese

·        Experimental design, basic statistics, and sample size determination Part I   Part II   Part III

·        Fraud in Medical Research:Emphasis on Statistical Aspects

·        GEE and Mixed Models for longitudinal data. Part I.      Part II

·        Genetics for Epidemiologists Lecture 5: Analysis of Genetic Association Studies

·        Hypothesis Testing. Two-samples tests, X2.

·        Introduction to Biostatistics

·        Introduction to Biostatistics     in Spanish

·        Introduction to Cox Regression. Part I      Part II

·        Introduction to Modeling Continuous Longitudinal Data and Repeated Measures ANOVA. Part I        Part II

·        Introduction to Survival Analysis. Part I.     Part II

·        Kaplan-Meier methods and Parametric Regression methods. Part I    Part II

·        Modeling change

·        Normal Distribution

·        RA Fisher and Statistics     in Spanish

·        Review of one-way ANOVA

·        Sampling Distribution

·        Sampling Technique & Sampling Size

·        Statistical Inference

          Statistics Idiots Guide!      in Chinese         In Spanish

·         Validity and Reliability    in Chinese    in Spanish


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