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    Research Methods Supercourse

Publish Soon, Publish Often, a Guide to Scientific Publications

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Statistical Methods

To publish in international journals one needs expertise in research methods.  However, in most countries there are few  trained in research methods.  We have built a research methods Supercourse and help desk to assist potential researchers in the development, data collection and analysis of  studies.

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Statistics Course

An Introduction to Stochastic Processes in Public Health

"Stochastic Processes in Public Health" An Introduction

Elements of Laplace transforms. Part I      Part II

Relations between incidence, prevalence and time with disease. Part I      Part II

Poisson processes. Part I     Part II

Renewal processes

Birth and death processes

Markov chains

Semi-Markov processes

Recurrent and Transient States

Semi-Markov Processes. Part I          Part II

Elements of the Analysis of Discrete Data

Examples and Elements of Theory

Logistic Regression

Independence and Urn Sampling

Correlated Outcomes

Proportional Hazards Models and Urn sampling

Multiple Logistic Regression

Multivariate problems

Polychotomous Regression

Supercourse Statistical methods lectures

A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - Part III, (Basic Statistics & Common Epidemiologic Measures)    (in Spanish) 

A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - XIII (Critiquing the Research: Statistical Considerations)    (In Spanish)

A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - Part IV (Overview of Vital Statistics & Demographic Methods)     (in Spanish) 

Allowing Access to Confidential Data: Some Recent Experiences and Statistical Approaches

Classification of statistical methods in Russian/Классификация статистических методов

Commonly Used Statistical Tests     in Chinese

Common problems of application of statistics in biomedicine (In Russian). Общие проблемы применения статистики в биомедицине


CS&E and Statistics

Descriptive Statistics  in Chinese

Economic Assessment of the Value of Statistical Life in Russian

Epidemiological Reasoning Using Cancer Statistics. Part I     Part II    (In Russian)   Part I      Part II

Fraud in Medical Research:Emphasis on Statistical Aspects   in Spanish

Multilevel statistic analysis. Part 1.     Part 2.    (In Russian)

PAKISTAN: Epidemiological Transition. Country Statistics

RA Fisher and Statistics    in Spanish

STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION AND CAUSALITY   Part I (in Spanish)     Part II (in Spanish)

Statistical Disclosure Limitation: Releasing Useful Data for Statistical Analysis

Statistical Inference

Statistics Idiots Guide!      in Chinese     In Spanish

The Interplay Between Research Innovation and Federal Statistical Practice

The Official Statistics Data in Creation of the Prevention Programs (in Russian)

WHO Statistics, 2000 

Apps for Mobile Phones in Statistical Methods