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ADAPT2 (Advanced Distributed Architecture for Personalized Teaching and Training)


ADAPT2 (formerly known as Knowledge Tree) is aimed at providing personalization and adaptation services for developers of otherwise not personalized content. The architecture schema is depicted below.

ADAPT2 Schema CUMULATE SEDONA Knowledge Tree Value-Added Service Content Server


CUMULATE is a cental user modeling server responsible for collecting evidence of user activity and for generating assertions about user knowledge and mastery.
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SEDONA is an "ontology server". It stores assertions about user knowledge and mastery in terms of several ontologies. It is responsible for "translation" of user knowledge between ontologies of the same domain.
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Knowledge Tree

Knowledge Tree is a learning portal that aggregates learning content and structures the courses available for learners. Knowledge Tree authenticates users and maintains user identity records.

Value-Added Service

Value-Added Services (VAS) are providing adaptation and personalization. They serve as wrappers for learning objects from content servers. Examples of VAS include NavEx, QuizGuide, and Knowledge Sea II.

Content Server

Content servers provide learning objects for students to interact with. content servers that work with ADAPT2 include: WebEx, QuizPACK, cWADEIn/jWADEIn II (all by PAWS), and Jeliot.


Relevant Publications

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