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Yue Zhen

Blogger - Dhruba J. Baishya

April. 1

Rosta Farzan:

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Sharon Hsiao:

Chirayu Wongchokprasitti

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Danielle Hyunsook Lee:

Tomek Loboda

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spring break



Jennifer Lin:

Denis Parra

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Sergey Sosnovsky

Yue Zhen

Blogger - Gustavo Soares Santos

Feb.18 no meeting
Feb.11 no meeting
Feb. 4

Dhruba J. Baishya: CiteAware: Visual Group Awareness for a Reference Sharing System

Blogger -Sharon Hsiao


Michael Yudelson : Modeling Problem Solving in CUMULATE

Gustavo Soares Santos : Integrating Conceptual and Procedural Instruction for Middle-school Math – A Cognitive Tutoring Approach

Blogger - Rosta Farzan


Jennifer Lin: an approach for high-quality som through semantic improvemnet and user centric evaluation
Qi Li: relation annotation in business environment

Blogger - Dhruba J. Baishya


Sharon Hsiao: web-based parameterized questions for object-oriented programming
Anna Riccioni: S-vLab virtual lab for teaching and learning in higher education

Blogger - Jae-wook Ahn


Dec. 9th

Denis Parra:
Michael Yudelson : CUMULATE Meets Knowledge Tracing
Chirayu Wongchokprasitti :

Blogger -Sergey Sosnovsky

Dec. 2nd

Sharon Hsiao: paper review from E-Learn 2008
Jae-wook Ahn: demo HeyStacks

Blogger - Michael Yudelson

Nov. 25th

Jae-wook Ahn: paper review from VAST/Vis
Danielle Hyunsook Lee: paper review from recSys '08

Blogger -Denis Parra
Nov. 18th

Rosta Farzan: paper review from recSys '08
Dhruba Baishya: paper review from InfoVis

Nov. 11th.

Sergey Sosnovsky: paper review from CIKM : Peer Production of Structured Knowledge
Sharon Hsiao: paper review from ICCE2008

Nov. 4th

Gustavo Soares Santos: e-Fer - A Web Based Learning Environment for Chronic Wounds

Oct. 28th no meeting
Oct. 21st Tomek Loboda :
Oct. 14th Jennifer Lin:
Oct. 7th no meeting
Sept. 30th Danielle Hyunsook Lee: Why people tag
Sept. 23rd Rosta Farzan: Tagging
Sept. 16th Dhruba Baishya:
Sept. 9th Sharon Hsiao: paper review: Peer Review & Worked Examples
Sept. 2nd Jae-wook Ahn: Personalized News Filtering Systems AT PAWS
Apr 2nd Jennifer Lin: Moving digital libraries into the student learning space
Mar 24th No meeting
Mar 19th Javier Bravo Agapito: Presentation Title
Mar 5th Sharon Hsiao: Presentation Title
Feb 20th Danielle Hyunsook Lee: Adaptive Faceted Browsing in Job Offers & Database Courseware from Kennesaw State University [PPT]
Feb 13th Maria Harrington: Presentation Title
Jan 16th Markus Ketterl: Presentation Title .


Nov 16th Rosta Farzan: Presentation Title .
Nov 9th Tomek Loboda: Presentation Title
Nov 2nd Jae Kyung Kim : Presentation Title
Oct 26th Jae-wook Ahn: Presentation Title
Oct 19th No meeting
Oct 12th Birukou Aliaksandr : Presentation Title
Oct 5th Sharon Hsiao: From social bookmarking to social summarization [PPT]
Sep 28th Danielle Hyunsook Lee: Query expansion using ontology [PPT]
Sep 21th Chirayu Wongchokprasitti: The folksonomy tag cloud when is it useful [PPT]
Sep 14th Sergey Sosnovsky: Ontology-based Annotation [PPT]
Sep 7th Michael Yudelson: Personalization Services - Summer Visiting Researchmanship and Implications for ADAPT2 [PPT]
Aug 24th Jennifer (Yi Ling Lin): Worldwide Nanotechnology Development: A Comparative Study of USPTO, EPO, and JPO Patents [PPT]
Aug 17th Yonggu Lee : An Effective Word Sense Disambiguation Model Using Automatic Sense Tagging Based on Dictionary Information [PPT]
Aug 10th Jae Kyung Kim : Layered Avatar Behavior Model and Script Language for the Object Interaction [PPT]
May 30th Eva Millan: Intelligent web-based tools to support e-learning. [PPT]
May 18th Jill Freyne and Rosta Farzan: ASSIST: Adaptive Social Support for Information Space Traversal. [PPT]
May 4th Jae-wook Ahn: Open User Profiles for Adaptive News Systems: Help or Harm? [PPT].
Apr 27th Michael Yudelson: Comparison of 3 Paper Sharing Systems (CoPE, CUL, Comtella) [PPT].
Rosta Farzan: 'Social' Systems: Designing Digital Systems that Support Social Intelligence [PPT].
Apr 20th Jill Freyne: Navigation Aided Retrieval [PPT].
Sharon Hsiao: Dogear: Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise [PPT].
Apr 13th Tomek Loboda: Classifying Learning Engagement Through Integration of Multiple Data Sources [PPT].
Rosta Farzan: Design and Evaluation of an Adaptive Incentive Mechanism for Sustained Educational Communities [PPT].
Apr 2nd Danielle Hyunsook Lee: Mining and Visualizing the Evolution of Subgroups in Social Networks [PPT].
Scott Bateman: How can we use web resources more effectively?
Mar 30th Sergey Sosnovsky: Ontological Technologies for User Modeling (Comprehansive Exam Rehearsal).
Jae-wook Ahn: Research Design: Personalized search and visualization for YourNews.
Mar 23th Michael Yudelson: Digital Object Repositories (Example of FEDORA): What-Is-In-It-For-PAWS? [PPT].
Jae-wook Ahn: Personalized search and visualization for YourNews [PPT].
Mar 16th Danielle Hyunsook Lee: Learning SQL with a computerized Tutor [PPT].
Sharon Hsiao: Demo of Example Authoring System and Discussion of the Experiment on Value of Reannotation based on Community Feedback.
Mar 2nd Chirayu Wongchokprasitti: PEBL: Web Page Classification without Negative Examples.[PPT].
Angela Brunstein: English for Dummies: Learning by Rules versus Learning by Examples.
Feb 23th Sharon Hsiao: Personalized Course Navigation Based on Grey Relational Analysis. [PPT].
Tomek Loboda: Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning in User Modeling for Intelligent Learning Environments [PPT].
Feb 16th Danielle Hyunsook Lee: ResultMaps: Search Result Visualization for Hierarchincal Information Spaces [PPT].
Rosta Farzan: Accurately Interpreting Clickthrough Data as Implicit Feedback [PPT].
Feb 9th Michael Yudelson: Recommenders for Information Seeking Tasks: Lessons Learned [PPT].
Jae-wook Ahn: A Novel Visualization Model for Web Search Results [PPT].
Jan 26th Sergey Sosnovsky: Flexi-OLM: Flexible Open Learner Modeling [PPT].
Jan 19th Joerg Brunstein: Eye movements as a window to the mind [PPT].
Chirayu Wongchokprasitti: Preliminary Examination Rehearsal [PPT].
Jan 12th Sharon Hsiao: Designing a Course Recommendation System on Web based on the Students' Course Selection Records [PPT].
Tomek Loboda: AutoSelect: What You Want Is What You Get: Real-Time Processing of Visual Attention and Affect [PPT].


Dec 11th Maria Harrington: The virtual playground: an educational virtual reality environment for evaluating interactivity and conceptual learning.
Vikrant Khenat: Demo.
Dec 4th Sergey Sosnovsky: Folksonomy-based Course Authoring for Flexible Student Modeling [PPT].
Rosta Farzan: Encouraging contribution in learning networks using incentive mechanisms.
Nov 27th Ion Juvina: Model-based Highlighting to support Selective Reading on the Web [PPT].
Michael Yudelson: Demo: CoPE update.
Nov 20th Sharon Hsiao: Intelligent On-line Advising with Expert System Shell [PPT].
Sharon Hsiao: Student Advising System (SAS 2.0) [PPT].
Danielle Hyunsook Lee: An Integrative Model on Web User Experience [PPT].
Nov 6th Tomek Loboda: Distributed Bayesian Networks for User Modeling [PPT].
Tomek Loboda: Intelligent Bayesian agent as a facilitator in e-Learning [PPT].
Oct 30th Michael Yudelson: Centralized Login Facility for PAWS Tools [PPT].
Oct 23th Rosta Farzan: Towards a Semantic Modeling of Learners for Social Networks [PPT].
Vikrant Khenat: Demo: CourseAgent UM Visualisation.
Oct 9th Rosta Farzan: AnnotatEd: A Social Navigation and Annotation Service for Web-based Educational Resources [PPT].
Chirayu Wongchokprasitti: NewsMe - demo.
Oct 2nd Gayathri Krishnamoorthy: VARScope - Personalized Guidance for Example Selection in an Explanatory Visualization System [PPT].
Tomek Loboda: WADEIn II Study - discussion [PPT].
Sep 25th Jae-Wook Ahn: YourNews - demo.
Chirayu Wongchokprasitti: Community-based Recomendation of Talks - demo.
Sep 18th Sergey Sosnovsky: Integration of Overlay UM for Close Domains Based on Domain Ontology Mapping [PPT].
Sep 11th Michael Yudelson: CoPE - demo.
Mar 16th Rosta Farzan: Treemap - demo.
Tomek Loboda: Adaptive visualization in education
Mar 2nd Tomek Loboda: Adaptive systems reserach in Poland
Robert Mertens: Approaches for Annotating Continuous Media
Feb 23rd Gerald Friedland, E-Chalk: Web Lectures Produced as a Side Effect of AI Supported Interactive Whiteboard Teaching
Feb 16th Kittipong: AdVisE 3D
Feb 9th Tomek Loboda: Exploring Eye Tracking to Increase Bandwidth in User Modeling
Jae-Wook Ahn: Eye-tracking paper
Jan 26th Nacy S. Grant: Results of a Study through the School of Information Science A Study on Cognitive Learning Styles, Instructional Strategies and Gender inInformation Science Course [PPS].
Jan 19th Robert Mertens: Social Nvigation in Lecture Recordings [PPS].
Jan 12th Rosta Farzan: Social Web and Annotation on E-Learn 2005 conference [PPS].
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