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QuizGuide, is an adaptive system that helps students in selecting most relevant self-assessment quizzes. Quizzes are assigned to topics. QuizGuide uses adaptive annotation, one of the adaptive navigation support technologies, to show every student which topics are currently most important and which require further work. Architecturally, QuizGuide system is implemented as a value-added service standing between the original QuizPACK system and the learning portal. QuizGuide generates the list of annotated hyperlinks to quizzes and uses QuizPACK to deliver the quizzes to students.
Within this project the Ontology of C Programming Domain has been developped:
The ontology consists of 1530 triples. It contains 574 rdfs:Class's and defines 5 rdf:Property's.


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System development is currently supported by NSF(Directorate for Education and Human Resources) through Award #0310576

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Recent Publications

Brusilovsky, P., Sosnovsky, A., and Yudelson, M. (2006) Addictive Links: The Motivational Value of Adaptive Link Annotation in Educational Hypermedia. In: Wade V., Ashman, H., and Smyth, B. (eds.) 4th International Conference On Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems (AH2006), (Dublin, Ireland, June 21-23, 2006). Berlin: Springer, pp. 51-60 [DOI]

Sosnovsky, S. and Brusilovsky, P. Layered Evaluation of Topic-Based Adaptation to Student Knowledge. In: Proceedings of Fourth Workshop on the Evaluation of Adaptive Systems at 10th International User Modeling Conference, UM 2005, July 26, 2005, pp. 47-56.[PDF]

Brusilovsky, P. and Sosnovsky, S. Engaging students to work with self-assessment questions: A study of two approaches. In: Proceedings of 10th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, ITiCSE'2005, Monte de Caparica, Portugal, June 27-29, 2005, ACM Press, pp. 251-255.[PDF]

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