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Pittcult is to share and recommend cultural event information in the Pittsburgh area. This system basically utilizes human psychology to conform to opinions of friends. When people go to a music concert or exhibition, they commonly ask their friends’ opinions, and invite them to go along. Centered on this trusted human network, users can recommend items to their friends and rate their friends’ taste about a certain genre of cultural events. This system is to cope with various problems of traditional collaborative filtering technique such as ad-hoc user problem (users copying other users' profile), data sparsity, blackship users and system scalability.



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Recent Publications

Lee, D. H. (2008) PITTCULT: Trust-based Cultural Event Recommender, Proceedings of Doctoral Symposium on the 2nd ACM International Conference on Recommender Systems, Lausanne, Switzerland, October 23 ~ 25, 2008

Lee, D. H. (2008) PITTCULT: Recommender System using Trusted Human Network, Student Research Competition in Hypertext 2008, Pittsburgh PA., USA, June 19 ~ 21, 2008, Third Prize Winner of ACM Student Research Competition in Hypertext 2008 & Finalist for the Grand Prize of ACM SRC sponsored by Microsoft Research   [PDF]


Danielle H. Lee

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