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QuizJET is a system serves quizzes as a self-assessment Java Evaluation Tool. It's mainly used to assess students' knowledge in Java Programming Language. QuizJET randomly generates a question parameter, creates a presentation of the parameterized question in a Web-based quiz, compares student's input to the correct answer which QuizJET runs the parameterized code "behind the stage", and records the results into a server-side database. There are several assessment types deployed in QuizJET, including examining the final value of the variable and the printouts etc. The quizzes and questions can be authored through the unified Example Authoring interface, which is also used in other projects within our research group. The parameterized functionality inherits from QuizPACK . However, in order to cover more object-oriented programming concepts, QuizJET integrates more comprehensive knowledge, such as object, classes etc. There are three major designs in QuizJET differ from QuizPACK. 1) the assessment domain knowledge is in Java. 2) the question is always presented in the first tab page as the Driver Class. Imported classes will be presented accordingly. 3) imported classes are not limited and can be reused flexibly.





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Recent Publications

Hsiao, I., Brusilovsky, P. and Sosnovsky, S. (2008) Web-based Parameterized Questions for Object-Oriented Programming. In: J. Nall and R. Robson (eds.) Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning, E-Learn 2008, Las Vegas, NV, USA, November 17-21, 2008, AACE, p. [PDF]

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