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CoPE (Collaborative Paper Exchange)


CoPE - Collaborative Paper Exchange - is a system that provides community-based acces to paper summaries via web. CoPE is currently an in-class tool for both teachers and students. Both eachers and students are able to:

  • Submit papers and paper summaries.
  • Index papers with terms from a set of ontologies.
  • Specify scope of their interest in terms of ontology concepts and have papers and folders presented adaptively according to this scope.
  • Review submissions.
  • Leave ratings for papers and summaries (new!).
  • Search for previously added papers by author, year, and titile (new!).

In addition teachers can:

  • Create hierarchies of folders for students to submit papers and summaries into.
  • Create folder descriptions.

Teachers' and students' access is mediated by an extensibleset of access rights that can be fine tuned to best fit the class objectives

CoPE Redesign

A series of on/off-line brainstorming sessions have been carried out. Results are posted here.


CoPE: editing paper
CoPE: editing paper
CoPE: editing summary
CoPE: editing summary
CoPE: indexing paper
CoPE: adding concepts
CoPE: editing summary
CoPE: rating a paper
CoPE: indexing paper
CoPE: searching for papers

Try CoPE

  • Current users access CoPE here CoPE Icon
  • Login/password: please get in touch with contact person (below) to obtain credentials.

Recent Publications

Yudelson, M. and Brusilovsky, P. (2005) Collaborative Paper Exchange. In: G. Richards (ed.) Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning, E-Learn 2005, Vancouver, Canada, October 24-28, 2005, AACE, pp. 2844-2850. [PDF]

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