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Two dimensional document visualization based on inter-document similarities. The locations of the documents on the 2D space are determined by their similarities to another documents and users can visually see the relationships of the documents based on their contents.


Three dimensional visualization of documents based on similarities. By adding one more dimension to 2D visualization, users are able to explore the document space more easily and access each document.


wo dimensional visualization based on POIs(Point Of Interest, or concepts) and document similarities. The position of the documents are calculated by their relationships with each POI.

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AnnotatEd AnnotatEd is a system that enables learners to annotate online pages while keeping track of all activities of learners. AnnotatEd uses the learners' activity information to offer *social navigation support* for hyperlinks inside the AnnotatEd system.

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CoPE (Collaborative Paper Exchange)

CoPE (Collaborative Paper Exchange) CoPE - Collaborative Paper Exchange - is a system that provides community-based acces to paper summaries via web. CoPE is currently an in-class tool for both teachers and students

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To be added soon...

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Knowledge Sea II

Knowledge Sea II Knowledge Sea II is an extension of Knowledge Sea project that is designed to help users navigate from lectures to relevant online tutorials in a map-based horizontal navigation format. The most important feature of KnowledgeSea is facilitating the navigation through providing traffic and annotation based social navigation support.

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NavEx - Navigation to Examples

NavEx NavEx provides adaptive guidance for accessing online interactive examples. Adaptation allowes students to visualize both whether they are ready to exlore certain examples and what is their progress with them. NavEx-SN (SN for social navigation) also allowes students to relate their progress with the progress of the group.

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QuizGuide QuizGuide, is an adaptive system that helps students in selecting most relevant quizzes for self-assessment of C knowledge. Quizzes are assigned to topics and adaptively annotated, to show which topics are currently important and which require further work.

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WADEIn II WADEIn II is an adaptive Web-based system that attempts to help students understand the process of expression evaluation in the C programming language. It uses rich visual metaphors and textual explanations.

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