Math 1540: Advanced Calculus 2

Instructor: Jason DeBlois (see my homepage for contact info)
    Office: Thackeray 407
    Office hours: Monday 1-2, Tuesday 4-5, Friday 2-3
          (or just email me for an appointment)

First day handout

Text: Real Mathematical Analysis (2nd edition), by Charles C. Pugh.
    Supplementary texts (not required):
          Elementary Classical Analysis, by Marsden and Hoffman
          Principles of Mathematical Analysis, by Walter Rudin


Homework Assignments

All assignments are from Pugh, ed. 2, unless otherwise specified. If the corresponding problem in ed. 1 has a different number then the ed. 1 problem number immediately follows in parentheses. If there is no corresponding problem in ed. 1 then I will write up the problem and link to it.

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