HPS 0628 Paradox

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Term Paper



Title page


A Budget of Paradoxes

Paradoxes: Their Diagnosis, Treatment and Cure

The Logic of Arguments

Zeno's Paradoxes of Motion


Reversed Supertasks

Mechanical Supertasks

Paradoxes of the Infinitely Large

Infinite Sets

Paradoxes of Measure

Additive Measures

Badly Behaved Curves

The Liar

The Paradoxes of Naive Set Theory

Paradoxes of Impossibility: Incommensurability

Paradoxes of Impossibility: Classic Geometric Constructions

Paradoxes of Impossibility: Computation

Paradoxes from Probability Theory

Probability Theory Refresher

The Probabilistic Urn Supertask

Paradoxes for Probability Theory: The Principle of Indifference

Paradoxes for Probability Theory: Expectations

The Infinite Lottery: The Chances

How to Build an Infinite Lottery Machine

1. Assessing Paradoxes

2. Zeno's Paradoxes of Motion

3. Supertasks

4. Mechanical Supertasks

5. Paradoxes of the Infinitely Large

6. Infinite Sets

7. Additive Measures

8. The Liar

9. The Paradoxes of Naive Set Theory

10. Incommensurability

11. Uncomputable Tasks

12. Probability

13. Probability: Paradoxes of Indifference

Unused assignments

Computation 1

Computation 2


Geometric constructions 1

Geometric constructions 2

Paradoxes of decision